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Louis III

Louis III

“Left of centre beat-pop-R&B-dance-hall, with a bit of reggae,” Louis III laughs. “That was a lot of words wasn’t it?” The 23-year-old singer-songwriter doesn’t hold back on the references when asked to describe his sound. With influences ranging from Drake to Stevie Wonder, he thinks of them as “a big family” he unites to create his signature style.

Starting with YouTube covers at uni around four years ago, Louis’ progression into the music world happened fairly quickly. “I tried writing a song and it was shit but I thought it was really good,” he reminisces in retrospect. “I got a friend to produce it and we put it on Soundcloud and I had a few managers and record labels contact me and I was like, ‘Shit, I can do this!’ Before, I was just doing it for fun because it’s what I love doing, and now I know I can do this and have to do this. I completely put everything into it and now I’m here!”

His debut track “Fever Thoughts”, released in November last year caused enough buzz to get the industry excited at what the Croydon newbie has coming next. A hazy slice of R&B the song details Louis’ battle with insomnia through his viscous vocals. “I went into the studio and I hadn’t slept the night before,” he explains. “It was 4am… then it was 5am. When I’m trying to sleep, my thoughts start not making sense. It’s like when you have a fever. The next day, I was in the studio and I was like, ‘I couldn’t sleep last night, you know when you have fever thoughts?’ That was a lightbulb moment. So that’s what I wrote about: that feeling of being restless and things not making sense and just wanting to sleep.”

Now gearing up to release his sophomore single “Goosebumps”— one he’s “really excited about” — this spring, 2018 is definitely looking like it’s going to see Louis III reign.

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