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In the league of great birthday presents, JGrrey has probably got you beat. The rising south London singer-songwriter took to Twitter on the eve of her birthday this year in a bid to get her COLORS session on YouTube to a million views and her fans pulled through in abundance.

“It’s so crazy!” She laughs, pondering, “I don’t know, maybe I read too much into omens and shit but it was really close to a million views and it was the day before my birthday and I was saying to my boyfriend, ‘Wouldn’t it be the best present to have my first million anything on my birthday?’ And it happened! It felt really nice, it felt like I’m doing stuff right.”

Known for plugging the next wave of great artists, it’s no surprise that COLORS called on JGrrey to grace their ever-changing room. First getting interested in music when she went to stage school aged eight, after a brief break when she decided to have a go at being a photographer — “Remember when everyone wanted to be a photographer?” — she returned to music shortly after and never looked back.

Honing her skills studying music at college, her debut track, the stunningly soulful “Ready 2 Die”, dropped late last year, but it’s the song she penned specifically for her COLORS session that pinned her as a name worth knowing. Entitled “Don’t Fade”, the enchanting track sees JGrrey’s hypnotising vocals glide effortlessly over the looped backing. “I don’t even really like the song anymore!” She smiles, reasoning, “I think it’s because I’m hearing it and having to sing it loads now!”

Drawing from a wide range of influences — she lists hip-hop, R&B and soul as some of her main inspirations — her varied taste is evident on “Don’t Fade”, fusing soul and jazz with a sample from Brooklyn rap collective, Phony Ppl. “A lot of the people that inspire my music make completely different music to what I make,” she explains. “I listen to a lot of Wu-Tang and Cypress Hill, I love the energy behind their music, but I suppose with writing styles and the way my music sounds I would draw more comparison to Erykah Badu or Lauryn Hill.”

Now getting ready to release her third single — certified by the artist herself as “really cool” — JGrrey is set to hit a few more milestones this year. As her one-million-hits track tells you: “Grey can’t fade away.”

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