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Joey Yu

Joey Yu

If your go-to Insta-stalks are made up of the artistically-inclined, chances are you’ll be familiar with Joey Yu already. With over 26k followers on the social media platform, her illustrations rack up thousands of likes and for good reason. Creating strikingly beautiful sketches, her feed is only available in full technicolour and is packed full of screen-sized stories.

“I think it’s the narrative elements in animation and illustration, and the fact that you’re really trying to communicate a story,” Yu explains, “and that idea that you can bring someone in and make someone really invested in something in a short amount of time. Your aim is to make someone look at something as long as possible and I think that’s a really interesting and hard thing to do, so I really like the challenge of that.”

First falling in love with art after entertaining herself with paper and pencils while sat in the staff room of her parents’ hairdressing salon every weekend, Yu has always been sketching. “I really like drawing people,” she says of her favourite subject matter, “in particular people when they’re doing something, when they’re engaged in an activity, a sport or just moving and they don’t care about what their body is doing. Dancing is one of my favourites.”

Finding inspiration “everywhere”, one of the most compelling things about Yu’s creations is her use of colour. “I think one of my favourite things is when you put two colours together and it looks like…” she pauses for thought, “You know when you have atoms and they’re next to each other? It’s like when you get the colour wheel and do the opposite colour and then you have the two colours next to each other and they look like they’re having a conversation and they start blending and you can make languages and beautiful things with just putting colours together. I think that’s really cool.”

Currently toying with the idea of moving into animated shorts, Yu isn’t the type to stay in one lane. “It’s not fun if there’s not obstacles and things that you’re up against and things that you find hard,” she enthuses. “So I’m hoping for some obstacles this year. And lots of fun!”

Photography - Giovanni Corabi

Fashion - Jessica Gardener

Hair - Chris Long

Makeup - Manino Asahi

Creative Direction - Aidan Zamiri

Fashion Assistants - Hidhir Badaruddin and Bruno Dinora

Makeup Assistant - Taikan Koide

Wonderland Magazine Spring 2018 Issue

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